What is gingivitis?

Inflammation of the gum

Gingivitis means “inflammation of the gingiva (gum)”. It is when the gum around the tooth gets dark red, swollen and bleeds easily.

What can cause gingivitis?

Some factors than can cause Gingivitis:

  • plaque
  • tartar
  • bacterial infection
  • viral infection
  • food stuck under the gum
  • hard brushing
  • jagged tooth restorations and crowns.
  • over-sensitivity to dental materials used in the mouth.
    Swollen gum between the central incisors

How can I treat gingivitis?

  • make sure you clean properly along the gum line, the junction between the tooth and the gums.
  • if gingivitis is caused by tartar, make sure you see a dental hygienist to have the tartar removed.
  • if there is a bacterial infection and if the infection is shallow it will most likely take few days before it resolves by itself. This happens mostly in the wisdom teeth region. If the infection is associated with pain and swelling seek your dentist for help and treatment.
  • viral infections usually last a week or two before the gum returns to its original state. No treatment needed.
  • use a soft toothbrush so you do not over-brush and injure the gum.