Brushing Injuries

Brushing injury

Although the enamel is the hardest tissue in the body, patients manage to brush it away causing considerable damage to the tooth surface.

Some factors contributing to brushing injuries:

1- The type of the toothbrush you use. Hard brushes can cause more damage. You might need to consider to change your brush to a medium or a soft brush head.

2- How hard you brush.

3- Teeth grinding or clenching can cause the enamel to flake away from the tooth surface making the tooth more vulnerable to hard brushing.

4- Extensive consumption of citrus beverages.

The most common side effect of brushing injuries is teeth sensitivity, but more extensive injuries can affect the pulp causing irreversible inflammation and a root canal treatment is necessary.

Your dentist can repair the damaged teeth by replacing the enamel with white composite restorations.

If you think you have brushing injuries or if you notice that you have receding gums visit your dentist for best advice.

Brushing injury
Damaged enamel