About Us

Since its conception in 2007, Askyourdentist.com has been providing patients with dental and oral information and answering their most common queries and questions. Our aim is to be the first port of call for patients that have pressing issues in regards to their teeth and mouth, reassurance or to get further information about dental treatments.

We particularly like to advice patients who have a fear of dentists, find the best way for them to overcome their phobia and reintroduce them to their dentist. We must stress that Askyourdentist.com does not in any way replace your regular dental check-ups and is not an alternative to your dentist’s diagnosis and treatment.


AskYourDentist.com Video
AskYourDentist.com Video

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Our dentists can answer your niggling dental concerns.

All our dentists are qualified and highly experienced in patient care and dental health.